Brammo Flexes its Global Muscles

Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher is pretty good at keeping secrets, but he loves to give hints.  He’s been driving Twitter users crazy with his mentions of “Big Huge Month September News” and “It’s a good day for a… (fill in the blank)”

At Noon, Pacific Time today, he finally let the cat out of the bag:


Ashland, OR, and Singapore, September 15, 2010–Brammo, Inc. a global leader in the electric motorcycle business and Flextronics (NASDAQ: FLEX), a leading global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider today announced that Brammo has selected Flextronics as its global manufacturing partner for the production of plug-in electric motorcycles and components. This strategic partnership enables Brammo to rapidly scale its manufacturing production in order to meet growing international demand for its products. This partnership is a continuing expansion of Flextronics’ Automotive segment and augments services to include new clean tech technologies and electronic systems for electric vehicles.

“As Brammo pursues its international growth strategy it is critical to our success that we continue to build our strong reputation for quality, reliability and serviceability,” stated Craig Bramscher, CEO and founder of Brammo, Inc. “Flextronics is focused on providing a high quality end-to-end solutions approach to leading global companies, including automotive, and this is why we have selected them as our strategic manufacturing partner.  We can now scale globally with the demand and the rapid evolution of this growth industry.”

“Brammo offers one of the most innovative, electric two-wheeled vehicle product lines in the marketplace and we are delighted that they have selected Flextronics as their exclusive partner for the manufacture of state-of-the-art electric motorcycles. This strategic partnership allows us to further expand our portfolio for battery powered vehicles and complements our strong expertise in high voltage and energy recuperation applications for the automotive market,” said Herbert Schoeffmann, president of Flextronics Automotive. “We look forward to this very exciting partnership, where we will provide Brammo with our world-class global resources, strong vertical integration capability and supply chain logistics enabling Brammo to achieve its ambitious growth plan.”

About Flextronics

Headquartered in Singapore (Singapore Reg. No. 199002645H), Flextronics is a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider focused on delivering complete design, engineering and manufacturing services to automotive, computing, consumer, industrial, infrastructure, medical and mobile OEMs. Flextronics helps customers design, build, ship, and service electronics products through a network of facilities in 30 countries on four continents. This global presence provides design and engineering solutions that are combined with core electronics manufacturing and logistics services, and vertically integrated with components technologies, to optimize customer operations by lowering costs and reducing time to market. For more information, please visit

About Brammo

Brammo Inc is a leading electric vehicle technology company headquartered in North America. Brammo designs and develops electric vehicles including the award winning Brammo Enertia motorcycle and the recently announced Empulse. Brammo is an OEM supplier of its innovative Brammo Digital Drivetrain™ systems including the Brammo Power™ battery pack and Brammo Power™ vehicle management system. Brammo has vehicle distribution and marketing operations in North America, Europe and Asia.

For more information visit and Brammo on Twitter at BrammoSays and on Facebook at Brammo Powercycles. See the Brammo Empulse in action:



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  1. #1 by skadamo on September 15, 2010 - 2:07 pm

    I guess we can assume they met the preorder number on Empulses. 😀

  2. #2 by David Herron on September 15, 2010 - 2:52 pm

    Hm, construction in Asia raises the carbon footprint ;-(

    • #3 by Adrian on September 15, 2010 - 4:11 pm

      Local production is our goal.
      Europe for Europe
      Asia for Asia
      North America for North America
      Flextronics enable us to achieve that goal very quickly.

  3. #4 by skadamo on September 15, 2010 - 3:27 pm

    But they do use a URL shortener in the press releases….

    If someone prints that they save ink. 😉

  4. #5 by David Herron on September 15, 2010 - 3:30 pm

    Ooooooooh… that’s like the theory of using a black background on your monitor to save power because the monitor has to expend less energy lighting up pixels. 😉

  5. #6 by David Herron on September 15, 2010 - 3:31 pm

    but seriously – something I missed the first time around is that Flextronics does manufacturing in 30 countries. It’s not a given that this will be built in Asia, right?

    • #7 by Jensen Beeler on September 15, 2010 - 4:25 pm

      Like Adrian said, the key here is local production. When you produce local to the market you’re selling in, it shortens your supply chain and lowers costs.

      This is why BMW makes X5’s in South Carolina, and Toyota makes Tundras in Texas. Those vehicles are almost exclusively bought in the US, so manufacturing them in Europe and then shipping them here would be a massively inefficient process.

      Flextronics already has the infrastructure to do distributed manufacturing, which is why Brammo is partnering with them. Why create something like that from scratch, when you can have the industry leader do it for you?

      This isn’t about sending manufacturing to Asia, it’s about manufacturing in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe…where the products are going to be bought.

      • #8 by David Herron on September 15, 2010 - 4:47 pm

        FWIW the press release didn’t spell this out very well, and it took a couple readings before the dots clicked together. It’s fair to consider whether a “green vehicle” like an electric motorcycle will be manufactured in a way that minimizes the manufacturing resource footprint. The typical globalized production does not do so, but a system that does local production on a global scale certainly would.

  6. #9 by Adrian on September 15, 2010 - 4:13 pm

    Correct. We will start in Europe…..

    • #10 by Gavin on September 16, 2010 - 9:46 am

      Yeah, places like holland will eat this up.

      Where will the US manufacturing be? It seems that Ashland is going to be research and development only? So bikes made… ??

      Thanks and good luck.


  7. #11 by Jeremy on September 15, 2010 - 5:37 pm

    I imagine they will be eating these motorcycles up in Europe. Gas prices are insane but electricity prices are similar or even lower than the US in some countries.

  8. #12 by Jon on September 18, 2010 - 4:25 pm

    is Flextronics the same place where those asia works committed suicide because of awful working conditions?

    • #13 by brammofan on September 18, 2010 - 4:32 pm

      No, Jon, that was Hon Hai, a/k/a FoxConn. But thanks for the buzz kill, dude.

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