Big Brammo Week

Time for a wrap-up of this week’s Brammo-centric news:

1.  Brammo Ladies (Brammo-ettes, Brammo Babes, Brammo Girls — call them what you wish) make the RoadRacerX Magazine Umbrella Girls of the Week feature.

Additionally, they dominate the slideshow, which usually contains six photos of six different ladies.  Congratulations to Ryan, Kelly, Jessica and Ilanna!

Kelly hams it up on the Brammo Empulse

2. Brammo quietly releases some great photos on their new photo site:

Most of the photos are freely downloadable in hi-res versions and some can even be purchased as the featured photo on your coffee mug, luggage tag, apron (I know what MsBrammofan’s getting for our 11th anniversary – a Brammo Ladies apron!) , and my current favorite: playing cards.  I must get this set of playing cards.  Now:

Yes, that's my Enertia, taken the week before it was delivered to me.

3. Shooting finished on the set of “The Dilemma.” TTR Racebike and Enertia headed back to Ashland. (news, via the Brammo Powercycle Facebook Page).

Brammo TTR seems unfazed by its glamorous Hollywood life.

4.  Brammo Empulse video hits, exceeds, 300,000 views.  Watch it again and get your pre-order in.

5. Brammo announces that it will give an Empulse to one of the first 1000 pre-orders of the bike.

Crazy Craig's at it again.

6.  Bike swap.

And, finally, I swapped bikes today with Mark Gardiner, author of “Riding Man,” and writer for, among others, RoadRacerX Magazine, where he writes the weekly feature “Backmarker.” He is riding my beloved Enertia (see above), and I am riding his LOUD, rusty, planet-killing, but loveable Triumph Bonneville, pictured below.  We’ll have to see how this one shakes out.

Mark's Bonnie



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