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Approximately 14 business days ago, I was told by a telephone customer service representative (Bob), to call back in 7-14 business days, a time at which he estimated, my desired item should be in stock at my local Best Buy store.  He had suggested I check first, to see if the availability of the item would be updated on the website.

"The item"

I did my usual – checked the website – no change since July 20.  Called up customer assistance.  Spoke to “Jay.”

J:  That item can only be ordered at your local store.

BF:  Really?  So I should just go to my local Best Buy and order it?

J: That’s what you’ll have to do sir.  I can’t complete the order for you.

So I went to my local Best Buy store with the SKU number: 9481615.  I went directly to the Customer Service desk.

(SIDE NOTE:  I have to give Best Buy some credit, here.  The last time I visited their CS desk, I was turning in an ancient monitor from a computer.  I used their “recycling” program, paid $25, got a $25 gift card and a warm feeling of doing something for the environment.  Pretty crafty of them)

Debra helped me.

BF:  I was told by a CS agent to come to my local store because he couldn’t help me with my order.  It’s SKU 9481615.  In green.

Debra:  (She looks it up on her computer).  That’s the electric bike.  And did you want to order one?

BF: I was actually thinking of getting one for my wife, one for my mother, and one for my son.  I have two sons, but only one deserves this.

Debra: Okay.  Hmmm.  The site says it’s available at “most” stores, but … hmmm.  I don’t see any available near here.  You know, I think I heard about these… (a miracle!) … and they’re only at some stores in California.  Let me check.

After a while, I ease Debra’s frustration by suggesting she search “Los Angeles.”

Debra: No.  None there.

BF:  No?  Oh… try El Segundo.

Debra:  Oh… yes.  they have some.  Well, there you go!

BF:  There I go?  Can you just have it shipped from that store to this store?

Debra:  No.  We can’t do that.  But you can call the store up and see if they will ship it to you here.  (She writes on a piece of paper)

Debra's Helpful note

Going the extra mile.

Debra handed me the paper, on which she had written the address, phone number, and the hours of the West LA Best Buy store.  It was all she was able to do for me.

I don’t need to call LA or Portland (Hey Topher!) because I already know that the folks there (at least in Portland) are ready to arrange for the shipping of as many Enertias as I want directly to me in Kansas City… or in Boston or Miami or New York City or wherever I happen to be.

So, what, exactly, is the benefit of getting the Brammo Enertia onto after almost of year of it being available at six West coast stores?  I think I have the answer:

It gets a bit of added visibility (beyond the site) and, for the VERY persistent, it becomes the starting place for their epic journey of ordering one from Best Buy.  Or, if you want to avoid all of that, you can order directly from  Too bad couldn’t include a link to or just provide a contact email for serious buyers.

In spite of the positive message conveyed in this article: Best Buy Wants to Become Top EV Seller; Educating Customers is Key, it appears that Best Buy isn’t fully behind the Brammo Enertia.  It’s a good thing that independent dealers like Hollywood Electric is ready to take up the mission of educating customers and selling bikes.



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  1. #1 by Susanna on August 10, 2010 - 5:27 pm

    So if I order direct through Brammo, Best Buy gets nothing$$$? Because the last thing I want to do is support a company that abuses its power over the people. Even though I could easily run down to El Segundo and ride home on my new Brammo. Without even stopping for juice.


  2. #2 by brammofan on August 10, 2010 - 5:32 pm

    I love a girl with a mission. 😀
    There is only one way that you, Susanna, should ever buy a Brammo: Go to Hollywood Electrics, talk to the crotchety old proprietor, Mr. Flagg, and he’ll take care of you. And I suspect he has never been accused of having his company abuse its power over the people. At least, none of the accusations have every been proven. 😉

  3. #3 by Susanna on August 10, 2010 - 6:17 pm

    no, they have to do it through Best Buy! I seem to recall him telling me Best Buy still gets a piece of it!

    And when Harlan & Adam get big and powerful enough to buy politicians, I suspect they won’t sell out. In which case they’ll buy politicians I think are worth buying. 😉

  4. #4 by Kelly on August 11, 2010 - 4:42 pm

    And even if you are at the West L.A. store you have a hard time getting help with the bike. This is why they need to get out of Best Buy and into stores where people are going to look for motorcycles or electric motorcycles.

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