Brammo Wins the e-Bike Shootout

Go to the article on about the site’s comparison of the Brammo Enertia, Zero S, and Native S electric motorcycles for the whole story.  It’s another well-written piece by Jeff Cobb, who has authored several comprehensive articles about electric bikes.

The challengers, posed in front of a Dinosaur Juicemaker. (Image courtesy

Seriously… go read the article.  I’m just going to pull out a few Brammo-centric quotes:

We also liked the Brammo, which falls neutrally into turns – albeit with limited steering lock which makes on-street turnarounds tight. Otherwise, it’s confidence inspiring, and will eventually drag its lower alloy platform pegs which complete its Sportster-like riding position. Its 100/90-18 front and130/80-17 rear Avon Road Rider Tires offer adequate grip for city/suburban purposes.

* * *

All these bikes have hydraulic front and rear disc brakes with the Brammo’s Brembos being tops.

* * *

Similarly, the Zero’s square-tubed alloy kickstand seems like overkill to some MO staffers, but alternately could be looked at as burley and unique. The same could be said of the Brammo’s cast kickstand with “Brammo” embossed as evidence of yet another high-quality touch to this most thoroughly-sorted machine.

* * *

In all seriousness, potential consumers can make their own minds up about fit and aesthetic considerations, but we otherwise feel most confident with the $7,995 Brammo Enertia, over the $9,995 Zero and $7,500 Native S, in this order.

* * *

Although not able to match the Zero’s power-to-weight ratio, and lacking some of the assiduously thought out weight-saving details, the Brammo has its own qualities and is the most all-around solid. If the Zero had better brakes and suspension, it would have been closer, but despite the Brammo’s slightly lower range potential, its 20% lower price tips us over the edge in its favor.

The Enertia feels solid and well-engineered,” Kevin comments. “It’s what I imagine Honda might’ve built if it had taken the plunge as early as Brammo.”

* * *

Further, Brammo’s dealer support may be best, especially if the company’s plans to roll out a national network come to pass.

* * *

At this juncture at the dawn of the proposed EV revolution, our e-bike pick of the day is the Brammo Enertia.



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