Brammo Enertia at BlissFestKC

What began as a simple conversation with a festival organizer to see if I could get in free and have my Brammo Enertia in a prominent spot next to a vendor of organic yoga mats, ended up with me displaying my motorcycle next to the main stage and fielding questions by dozens of blissed-out attendees.

I was at BlissfestKC, a “Conscious Lifestyle and Music Celebration” held at English Landing Park, Parkville, Missouri, alongside the Missouri River.

Favorite overheard statement: “Hi. My name is Peaches.  I hear your Veggie Kabob is to die for.” (As it turned out, Peaches was a very nice guy, but the Veggie Kabob — decidedly not death-worthy.)

Favorite ICE-bike justification: “My BMW is quiet as a lamb.  Smells better, too.”

Favorite look: anyone’s face, after they complained about the 40 mile range of the Enertia, and I showed them the picture of the Empulse and said, “100 mile range, 100 mph.”

Favorite Hippie:

That one.

I got to hear some great Reggae music, talked to many people about the bike, and even got an invitation to a “Green Fest” by a friendly couple who actually knew about the Brammo and were the only Brammo fans I met the whole day.

I also spoke with a guy who works at the Kansas City Harley Davidson Assembly Plant who wanted to take off the side panels of my bike and take a gander at the battery/motor setup.  I told him that while I wasn’t prepared to do that right there, he was welcome to come to my house, take a look under the panels, take a test drive if he wanted, and all I asked in return was for him to give it a fair review on video. He took my contact information and said he’d be in touch.

For the most part, people were impressed with the Enertia, wanted more information about it and about Brammo, and were definitely interested in finding out more about the Empulse.

Pics of the event — or actually, of my Enertia at the event, below:

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