A “real” rider takes my Brammo for a spin

I recently wrote an article for HellforLeatherMagazine.com about my experience with my recently-delivered Brammo Enertia.  Perhaps more noteworthy than the article itself were the comments (59 so far) that ran the gamut from cheerful (“Oh, yeah, and go Harry!”) to outright disgust (“The guy doesn’t ride motorcycles, thus, his opinion is invalid”).

Amidst the pros and cons was this one:

Harry, I live in Blue Springs and would love to take you up on your offer (sacrifice) of allowing others to ride your Brammo!

I responded to this message and found out that his name is Justin, he rides a BMW G 650 GS to work almost every day, and that he was willing to come out and put my bike through its paces.  Here’s the video of part of his ride and his review:

I had a great time riding his BMW out to the proving grounds (a housing subdivision that never happened, near my house).

He’s much more on top of things than I am, as he already wrote and published his review:

Brammo Enertia

. . . The Brammo’s suspension was really nicely set up. The chassis felt nice and tight and I had no shudders, shakes, or hard hits. I didn’t notice any flex or floppiness from any part of the chassis. The Brembo brakes did a great job controlling the speed. ABS would be nice (I’ve had a wreck due to a locking up a wheel) but the brakes felt as good as those on my BMW. . . .

He took some great pics, too:

My Brammo Enertia (pic by Justin)

(More pics and a complete review over at his site.)

Thanks again, Justin!



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  1. #1 by eric on June 30, 2010 - 2:20 pm

    While the seat height would never be an issue for someone like me (6′-2″, 34″ inseam), this is potentially a big deal, particularly for beginning riders. I could definitely see Brammo offering a version with a modified rear subframe that lowers the seat height. This would open up ownership to the vast world of people who are shorter than guys like me. Mr. Wisman, are you listening?

    • #2 by BrammoBrian on July 4, 2010 - 12:28 pm

      You can just call me Brian… 😉

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