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Brammofan can’t pass up a story with a line like this:

I ran into Brammo’s Marketing Director Adrian Stewart at the Science Works Earth Day celebration back in April.

It turns out it was a worthwhile read.  Authored by “AaronsAutoWerks”  of Ashland, Oregon, it includes a well-written review of his ride of the Brammo Enertia.

Adrian Stewart's Enertia?

I joked with him to let me ride it and I would write a story about it in the LocalsGuide. Well the next thing I know I had a demo bike at my shop charged up and ready to go. I received an extension cord and a quick “how-to” instructional from the Brammo technician who delivered the Enertia. I quickly donned my helmet and threw a leg over the bike and felt right at home. My first impression is that this is a real motorcycle not some one-off kit bike.

More impressions and the full ride review along with a great collection of must-see folks if you ever happen to find yourself in Southern Oregon, at his blog:

Ashland Oregon Locals Guide



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