First Contact, Part Two

In my last post, “First Contact,” I recounted my visit to the Best Buy in San Marcos, California, to encounter the Brammo Enertia for the first time.  I —

Hold on a second.  I’m trying to recapture that feeling I had, sitting on the Enertia, with its comfortable seat beneath me; my arms outstretched before me; my tired feet resting on the pegs . . .  Perhaps it’s because of my rapidly advancing age that I have to struggle so hard to recall those fond memories.  It was only four days ago.  Hopefully, I won’t have to wait too much longer before I can sit on my own Enertia.  And ride it.

Back to the Best Buy.  We (John Adamo of and I) were helped by Marcelo, who, believe it or not, HAD NO IDEA WHO WE WERE.  Come on, pal, it’s Brammofan and Skadamo.  We’re kind of a big deal.

We asked him about his knowledge of the inner-working of the Enertia and he said he’d participated in a training class at Brammo headquarters in Ashland, Oregon.  I interrupted him and said, “Yeah, I probably have a picture of you on my blog.”

Blank stare.

He knows his stuff about the Enertia — top speed, range, proper charging procedure, but he was woefully unaware of significant Brammo trivia:

  • Does Brian Wismann, Lead Designer, exit his driveway to the left or the right?
  • What is Adrian Stewart’s (Director of Channel Development) license plate on his Enertia?
  • What was the mascot of Craig Bramscher’s High School?
  • Fill in the blank: Aaron Bland-World’s Greatest _____

You might think it’s creepy that I know all this information.  I know Marcelo did.  All I can say is, that’s why I’m Brammofan and you’re not.

Marcelo was nice enough not to call the cops show us the back room at Best Buy which held three Enertias ready for sale and one more on a track stand that was ready for test rides (on dry days only).  He showed us the laptop which was loaded with the software he uses to test the performance of Enertias that come in for their scheduled maintenance.

Me:  You know Brian Wismann?

Marcelo:  Yeah, I met him in Oregon.

Me: You know he’s one of the big guys there, right?

Marcelo: Yeah.

Me: He wanted me to tell you to go ahead and give me that copy of the Brammo software you had.

Marcelo: I don’t think so.

BW – your security system is flawless.  Passed the test with flying colors. Over and out.

Before I get any more delirious with Brammo-withdrawal, let me regale you with more pictures from that glorious day:

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