Brammo Seeking Dealership Development Director

Brammo appears to be poised to branch out beyond Best Buy in order to keep up with US demand for its Enertia electric motorcycle in locations other than those in which the big box retailer is currently selling them.  Although the original plan was to test the bike in six of its big box stores in Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, the plan was to continue the roll out of the Brammo Enertia in more and more stores in test markets in Texas, Florida, Illinois and onwards to the East Coast.  Eventually, the Brammo, along with other electric vehicles, would pepper the world, ensconced inside Best Buy stores everywhere.

So far, however, that expansion hasn’t happened.  And, as reported recently, while the Enertia has appeared in one print advertisement for Best Buy, the link on that advertisement to contained no information on the bike.  To this day, a search for information on the Brammo Enertia on is an exercise in futility.  It simply isn’t there.

But demand for the bikes across the US is strong.  Best Buy has been shipping bikes out of Portland to all points East for the last five months and Chris Hertz, the Best Buy EV specialist in Portland, has probably sold more electric motorcycles than anyone in the country.  Brammo, however, has more demand than Best Buy can accommodate, and has apparently decided to expand its dealer network.

According to a recent job posting on, Brammo is seeking a Director of Dealership Development.  (See Below).

What this means to Brammo fans out there is that your chances of seeing an Enertia in the wild if you live east of the Rocky Mountains, just improved, as did your chances of riding one and of course, buying one.  If you are one of the hundreds of people or businesses who expressed interest in becoming a Brammo Dealer, you might be getting a call soon.  (And it’s still not too late to let them know you’re interested).

Where will we see the Brammo range of motorcycles?  In powersport super stores? Elite BMW dealerships? Embryonic EV dealerships or exclusive Tesla style stand alone stores?  Home Depot? Trader Joe’s? Only time will tell.

Job Description

This proactive, self starting individual will continue to develop Brammo’s global presence. As the BRAMMO Director of Dealer Development you will champion the continued development of our nationwide dealer network.

The Director of Dealer Development will work closely with the corporate office and field personnel. In this role you will perform the following functions:
• Proactively identify, and sign new/existing motorcycle dealers to represent the Brammo brand
• Ensure dealer initiatives are implemented correctly by designing, delivering and overseeing training throughout the dealer network
• Develop dealer accountabilities and continually monitor ongoing dealer performance
• Continue to develop business initiatives and strategic partnerships to deliver improvement to sales, and customer acquisition
• Act as a liaison between dealer personnel and Brammo service team

This position is best suited for a motorcycle enthusiast who is a passionate, entrepreneurial, self-starter that will thrive on being self managed. The position will allow you to own a piece of the Brammo experience and we’ll expect you to be enterprising with the constant improvement of the Brammo brand.

You will propose project recommendations to management via written documentation including project descriptions, savings potential, cost estimates and back-up data for all recommended projects to insure continuous improvement of the Brammo customer experience.


Minimum requirements include
• 5-7 years of experience working for major motorcycle manufacturer. I.e.: Harley Davidson, Honda, BMW, Ducati.
• 3+ years dealer development and management experience
• Experienced Motorcycle rider with proper DMV license / endorsement
• Excellent sales presentation skills
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Company Description

Sustainability is a lifestyle decision. Brammo is commited to designing and building products with sustainability in mind. This commitment also extends to our employees, who are encouraged to make lifestyle decisions to help reduce their own carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Stay tuned for more information on what Brammo is doing to promote sustainability in every aspect of our business…



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  1. #1 by skadamo on May 6, 2010 - 11:48 am

    Illinois! Yes.

    Hmm, I can recommend a few good Illinois dealers to whoever takes this job. Let me know….

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