New Brammo Ride Video from Implovator

From a post on comes a great ride video from new Brammo Enertia owner, Implovator.

I’ve seen many of these videos, but they are usually from a helmet cam or a bullet cam (down at about axle height).  This one is taken from many angles, but the main point-of-view comes from a chest harness mount and it provides a great look at the bike, the road, and the scenery.  Some details from the post after the video:

From Implovator (who also blogs at ):

I finally shot some non-commuting footage on the Enertia this weekend and edited this up. Good luck to Jackie Chan with his upcoming movie, because it’s challenging getting footage 25 miles at a time in between charges. I guess that’s why they prepped so many identical bikes. Unless….it’s a remake of Delta Force! Let’s hope Chuck Norris approves, because one negative thought from him would send the movie straight to VHS!

I’m using a GoPro HD and their mounts, although I’m going to order some RAM mounting hardware for some better bar and bolt mount options. I used the auto mount which is a monster suction cup that holds rock-steady for the left-mount forward shot, the top-mount backward shot, and the right-mount side shot. Then I used a chest harness mount and an adhesive mount on my helmet for the other two shots. I kind of wish I didn’t put the adhesive mount on the helmet. It’s so high, that it destroys all sense of speed. It will be nice for chase shots of another rider, though.

For editing, I’m using Final Cut Express HD. It took a little while to figure out a good workflow, and I’m still losing too much quality. But now that I’ve figured out how to keep the video at 1280×720 60fps throughout the editing process, I can focus more on actually learning how to use FCEHD itself. The learning curve on pro apps is a little steep for me, especially compared to how quickly iMovie can pop movies out.



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