Yakima, Washington – Test Ride Event

The Brammo Enertia hit Seattle, Washington for a Test Ride Event on the weekend of April 24, and it hitYakima, Washington last weekend.

Thanks again to Brammo Field Service Tech Dave Murray for sending these pictures and the report:

Yet another very successful test ride event weekend in Yakima, WA on Saturday, May 1st, 2010. I was invited to attend a Motorcycle Safety Course class in progress in Yakima, WA by a motorcycle safety instructor, Jesse Lee, who requested a test ride on the Brammo website on 4/09/10. Jesse rode the Enertia through the safety course training track, demonstrating the ease of maneuverability to other instructors and several of the students attending the training course. We logged six test rides that day. Everyone loved their Enertia experience, and many of the riders commented on how the Enertia would work for them during their daily commutes. They are all anxious to see the Enertia in their local Best Buy stores, and all thought the $7995 price was very fair. I was invited to attend more motorcycle events in Yakima over the next few months to showcase the Enertia.



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