Brammo featured in Motorcycle.Com Novella has published a lengthy and detailed examination of the electric motorcycle industry featuring Brammo, Zero, and Electric Motorsports.  The “Electric Motorcycle Primer” touches on many issues: battery development, electrical grid integrity, and practicality of these bikes, to name just a few of the subjects scrutinized.

In my constant attempt to balance my personal responsibility of chronicling everything-Brammo, with the respect for the rights of others to get all the web hits they are entitled to, I’ll just pull one great anecdote that Brammo CEO, Craig Bramscher, told the reporter:

Bramscher told about a man who’d never ridden but bought an Enertia. One day when he went out for a burger, he was approached by a little kid who asked, “Hey, are you a motorcycle rider?”

The rider had bought a helmet and a motorcycle jacket and looked the part, but he told Bramscher, it only dawned on him when he answered, “Yeah, yeah, I am.”

It was then that the rider realized, “Hey I’m in the club now, even if it’s a neophyte, a junior,” Bramscher says.

“I think if a motorcyclist can think back to when they were [new] in the club,” Bramscher says, “they have to open their heart at least to electric motorcycles.”

Whether he and others selling electric motorcycles are right, time will tell.

This article needs to be on your “must read” list if you’re a Brammo Fan, and should be on your short list of sites to watch for electric motorcycle news.



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