Cycle World Reviews the Brammo Enertia

Cycle World magazine has posted the ride review of the Brammo Enertia that appeared in its April 2010 (tree-killer) issue.  It’s definitely a must-read for Brammo fans.  Some choice quotes:

So, there you sit, in complete silence, LEDs winking rapidly. What next? You simply twist the throttle. Response varies with the speed by which the throttle is opened, but there is never a threat of a flip-over. To get the front wheel off the ground, you will physically have to pick it up. Acceleration is smooth, if not rapid, and accompanied by light motor whine and drive-chain whir. The farther you twist the throttle—maximum opening is recorded by a digital tattle-tale on the dash—the faster you go, up to an indicated top speed of 62 mph.

* * *

Go easy, freewheeling to stops—making a game of it, even—and, depending on geography and traffic conditions, you might get Bramscher’s targeted 40 miles from a full charge.

And my favorite, from Brian Wismann, lead designer of the bike, with a frank honesty that you don’t normally hear from manufacturers:

“If you don’t value being green, owning something unique or supporting an effort to get us off oil, then this product won’t pencil out for you, and we’ll make no claim to the contrary,” said Wismann. “On the other hand, if these are things you do care about, then the Enertia provides a much more cost-effective entry into the EV market than nearly anything else out there. At $8K, the Enertia may not be a ‘bargain,’ but it’s also not a rip-off.”

Make sure to read the whole article, but definitely watch the video review for some in-ride action that was informative and captivating if you are considering the purchase of any electric bike in the near future.  Plus, the article has some excellent photographs by Brian Blades, like this beauty:

Brammo Enertia in front of its fuel source, via Cycle World Magazine, Brian Blades



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    Great read, BrammoFan! Thanks for finding the goods once again.

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