The Year of the Brammo Bull?

(See UPDATE, below!)

According to the Chinese calendar, 2010 is the year of the Tiger. See if you can find the Tiger in the following photos:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

No Tiger?  Correct.  But you might have seen a Bull:

New logo!

And you might have seen some knobby tires, a high mount enduro-style off-road front fender, about 3″ more suspension travel than the standard 5″, and some new handguards, among other modifications . . . not to mention the flat olive drab paint job.


Why would someone paint a couple bikes olive drab?  For that matter, why would someone paint six bikes in that color:

Six sick bikes. (Photo courtesy brammole operative #27)

Either the U.S. Army is ordering a squadron of stealth killer bikes, or maybe it has something to do with this man:

and a certain movie that the Brammo Enertia is scheduled/rumored to appear in.

Because, apparently, when Jackie Chan rides a motorcycle or drives a car or sits on a chair or touches anything that could possibly be used as a weapon, it’s going to get a little banged up.  And when they film a movie with Jackie, it might involve a few takes before he’s satisfied with the result.  If that’s correct, then you might as well kiss these bad babies goodbye.


Jackie Chan connection confirmed!  From, Brian Wismann said: “Brammo got the chance to flex some of it’s own off-road design skills in converting a bone-stock Enertia into a dirt capable, movie jump bike for Jackie Chan.”



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  1. #1 by mtajudy on April 26, 2010 - 3:43 pm

    This bike looks extremely bad-a with the knobbys! I like the color, as well!
    I just realized that if the Enertia is truely in a movie, I am riding a STAR!! hehehe

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