Oregon Tax Credit on Brammo Enertia: $1069

We’ve looked at ColoradoCalifornia,  Oklahoma, and Illinois.  Now comes word from user “thespecialone” on the Brammo Owners Forum that he filed his application for a state tax credit in Oregon, and, two weeks later, received notice from the state that he would be getting his $1069 Enertia Tax Credit.  Coupled with the Federal tax credit for 10% of the Brammo’s retail price of $7995, the numbers look like this:

7995 – 799 – 1069 = $6127.

More information on filing the Oregon tax credit can be found here.

In the current tally of SIWIBABE (States in which I’d buy a Brammo Enertia) here’s the rundown:

Oklahoma: $4059

Colorado: $4225

Illinois: $4240

California: $5834

Oregon: $6127.



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  1. #1 by mtajudy on April 22, 2010 - 12:55 pm

    Ya know, being a “green” state the way Oregon professes to be….you would think we would get better tax cedits than, let’s say, CALIFORNIA! Cali green?? Ha!
    I’m going to have to check with my buddy, Matt Linehart, at the Cascade Station Best Buy. He mentioned that Oregon had a provision for charging stations and since the Enertia is considered a charging system within itself, there was an additional tax rebate. WE WILL BEAT CALIFORNIA, DARN IT!!
    FYI…I am Southern California born and bred so I know of which I speak!
    It is understandable that we should be a runner up to Colorado…they but the green in “green”. But Cali? Man….that hurts!

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