Popular Mechanics reviews the Brammo Enertia

… and some other, less interesting bikes.  They’ve spread the review over a couple of pages, but I know what you true Brammo Fans are looking for, so let’s cut straight to the chase (on page 2 of the review). (thanks to Wes Siler of hellforleathermagazine for doing his usual, yeoman’s job of putting together a lot of information into one great post):

Brammo Enertia

Brammo Enertia

Friendly looks, slick packaging and quality components combine to elevate the Enertia above its electric competition. Of all the bikes here, this is the one that feels the most expensive, but thanks to the economics of scale, it’s actually one of the cheapest. Brammo just put the Enertia into mass production at its new factory in Oregon and is selling the bikes through select Best Buys throughout the West Coast. Slightly slower than the competition from Zero, but you won’t notice because the throttle feels so much more natural; the Brammo accelerates predictably and smoothly. Striking a form that’s somewhere between roadster and cruiser, the Enertia is a comfortable, agile bike that’s near perfect for the cut and thrust of urban riding.

Road legal: Yes License type: Motorcycle
Price: $7995 Weight: 324 pounds
Top speed: 65 mph Power: 18 hp
Range: 45 miles Battery: Lithium-ion phosphate
Battery capacity: 3.1 kilowatt-hours Recharge time at 110 volts: 4 hours
Best suited for: New riders who want their first motorcycle to be electric and commuters who want to save money and time. Info: brammo.com



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