Brammo covered by Local News

Two stories popped up on the Brammo-feed yesterday, both from local (Southern Oregon) television stations:

First, KDRV-TV, the ABC affiliate in Medford, covered the story about Brammo’s CEO, Craig Bramscher, appearing in this month’s Entrepreneur Magazine.

Since the magazine hit newsstands, the company says several states have asked the company to relocate, including California and North Carolina. Some are even offering special grants and state money for Brammo to move.

“We’re a company that needs to make the best decisions for the health of its shareholders and our customers.

But we love Oregon, and I sought out Oregon as a place to grow a family and a business and my goal is to stay here,” Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher said.

Next, the NBC station in Medford ran a story about “Brammo Going Global,” which touched on the recent developments in the UK (Best Buy stores will be selling the Enertia in their Electric Vehicles department) and the deal with Jackie Chan and his company in Asia, JCAM.  The story did include a little treat, however.  Watch Aaron Bland, Lead Engineer, show the news reporter a CAD design of what appears to be the bigger, better, faster Brammo motorcycle… or at least, the seat and frame of the new bike.

Brammo Going Global




  1. #1 by mtajudy on April 8, 2010 - 2:52 pm

    A great bike, concerns for the enviroment, can’t be bought with a dash of loyalty! What is Craig Bramscher, an alian?
    Enough with the jokes; kudos to him. I love to find examples of people following a dream and when you add the fact that he plans to maintain a little dignity to do it, I couldn’t be more pleased to own a vehicle produced by his company. I love my Enertia and now Im felling more PROUD to own it.
    “Don’t go changing”, she sang to herself as she hit the “Submit Comment” button. Thank you, Billy Joel and thank you Craig Bramscher!

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