Sacre Bleu! Brammo Euro-Enertia captured

UPDATED: See Below

I was looking at this article in Autoblog Green today:

Electric motorcycles and scooters, a perfect answer for urban mobility in Europe

and … what?  You think I’m being too cliché when I say that a read Autoblog Green for the articles?  What… do you think I subscribe just for the pictures.  What kind of guy do you think I am?  Hold that thought for a second, while you feast your eyes on these pics from the article, showing the Brammo Enertia in a new, vivid blue color, and with an ENORMOUS “BRMO EURO” license plate (or, perhaps it’s some sort of speed brake?) on the aft end of the bike:

Euro-Enertia cruising down the Champs Elysees in Paris... or maybe it's just some street in Ashland, Oregon. Who is that yellow-helmeted rider? (via Autoblog Green)

That's no Glacial Blue

I wonder what the name of this new blue shade is… U.N. Helmet Blue? Klondike Well-Digger Hiney Blue?

Do we need a Name That Color Contest?

And those are just the silly questions.  The big question is, when is it going to be shipped/sold in the EU?


What an interesting coincidence. . . Best Buy UK announced last week that it is opening up its first store in the UK (Thurock, Essex) in May.

Brammofan is not a gambler, but if he was, he’d say it’s likely that the afore-mentioned (and pictured) Brammo Enertia will be there.

  • Has the bike completed the EU homologation process?
  • Will Her Majesty, the Queen, soon be seen on the bike, cruising around the Tower of London?
  • With bikes in Hong Kong, UK, and the USA, will Brammo’s next bike be the Envasion? (Trademarked, 2010, for sale by Brammofan)
  • And what’s with this new iteration of the Brammo logo, seen recently on some emails flitting about the interwebs?:



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