Phantom gets a Package from Brammo

Over at the comes a tale of a new Enertia owner, along with his “unboxing” pics:

I met the delivery truck at my house during my lunch break to help unload my new Brammo Enertia.

I’ll be off to the registry this weekend to get it registered. I might paint the black side panels to white. It is so cool that it is here now.  Grin It is still below freezing outside and the roads are covered with ice, sand and salt.

I was like a kid at Christmas; tearing open the cardboard to get my first look at it.
I work at an office park that is empty on the weekends. It will probably be the place of my first ride if I can fight the temptation to ride it around the neighborhood.

I think the white looks best, but it is my wife’s least favorite color for it. She is more a fan of the grey. She joked about eventually getting one for herself someday; but there might be some truth in it.

I am certainly grateful for luck I have received in life.

Thanks for sharing, Phantom.  Pics of the first ride will be expected.



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