Time to Roll ’em out?

Not news: Brammo and Best Buy are Buddies.  We’ve known that since September 2008, when Brammo raised a $10 million round from Best Buy Venture Capital.

Not news: Brammo and Best Buy are serious about being Buddies: We’ve known this since February 2009, when Brammo announced that its electric motorcycle, the Brammo Enertia, would be sold at select Best Buy stores on the West Coast.  And the pair sealed the deal when the bikes finally went on sale in Portland, Oregon (August 2009) and Los Angeles (October 2009) and San Francisco (November 2009).

Now, where is the news?  Where is the news about the roll out of the Brammo Enertia to other Best Buy stores across the country?  Now that Christmas is over and Best Buy can once again move its displays around to accommodate the Enertia and other electric vehicles/bikes, when will we see this vignette played in Chicago?  New York? Texas? Florida? Kansas City?

Enertia on floor for 30 seconds for a photo op, and it captures the attention of genuine Biker dude

Brammo fans have been asking for this to be rolled out to their cities for months now.

What are you guys waiting for?



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