Brammo Enertia at the Portland Auto Show

Brammo will be on the “Electric Avenue” of the Portland Auto Show this weekend.

We salute the efforts of the automobile industry to reduce carbon emissions, develop alternative engines and fuels, and recycle materials.  We have a special display at this year’s event to showcase the future in automotive fuel efficiency.  We will be having an M-1 all-electric ATV from Barefoot Motors, an all-electric motorcycle from Brammo, a Tesla Roadster with an electric vehicle charging station and a law enforcement vehicle with the Energy Extreme system

The first person to tweet or email a photo or video of the Brammo Enertia to me wins worldwide celebrity status when I post said photo or video here, and give you full and complete attribution.  Yes, you too can have the global reach of Brammofan’s millions thousands dozens of unique page views per day.

One aside: the “law enforcement vehicle with the Energy Extreme system” may just be this one:

Chelsea Sexton, impersonating an electric RoboCop



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