Jackie Chan Teams With Brammo

Asian Rush Hour to Include Brammo Enertia

Lots of hints about this partnership have been popping up here and there, but now it is (semi) official:  Jackie Chan’s company, JCAM Advanced Mobility Company, Ltd., has agreed to be the distributor of the Brammo Enertia through its outlets in Hong Kong and Singapore.

"I'm on my Brammo and you know I'm straight cruisin'..."

If you’re wondering what they think about the Enertia in Hong Kong, it’s pretty clear:

"Bike Cool"

The deal will have Jackie Chan’s award winning JCAM EV sales company selling Brammo Enertias through its retail stores in Hong Kong  and Singapore.

Frequent readers of this blog know all there is to know about Brammo, but what about JCAM?  Here’s the 411:

JCAM Advanced Mobility Company Ltd. (JCAM) is a Hong Kong based vehicle Distribution Company established in 2005. Co-founded by megastar Jackie Chan, its primary business focus is to identify, qualify, market, and support transportation innovation that produce zero emissions and which are technologically stunning. Within the first four years of operation JCAM has grown into a company with diverse and growing business interests all related to sustainable transportation, operating in six countries and has earned Hong Kong Business’s High-Flyers Outstanding Enterprises Award (Modern Alternative Technology).

The mission of JCAM is to work closely with groups critical to facilitating a successful culture change from conventional combustion driven vehicles to electric vehicles (EV’s) as well as other clean transportation options. These groups include vehicle manufacturers, local regulators, and targeted end user groups all of which have their own objectives, reservations, and needs and all of which JCAM as a product marketing and distribution organization has regular contact with.  With creative marketing and intelligent education programs JCAM is dedicated to generating excitement and demand while proving and building desirability, credibility, and reliability for some of the most awesome and advanced vehicles available.

Furthermore, what’s a post on Brammofan without amazingly unbelievable and unsupported speculation?  (New readers, Please Note: Any resemblance between Brammofan and an actual Journalist is entirely coincidental and not visible without a lot of squinting on your part.  Avoid eye strain and just go with the flow).

Well, here goes:

Jackie’s making a movie called “Chinese Zodiac” that has him reprising the role of “Asian Hawk” that he played in Fei ying gai wak.  Surely you remember Fei ying gai wak? Okay, it was called Operation Condor (Armour of God, II) here in the US.  Remember? Come on!  He was in that amazing fight where he did those crazy stunts?  No?  Okay, so it looked like he was totally outgunned, outmanned, and that it was all going to end poorly, but then he did that astounding flip-kick-donkey-punch  . . .  and seriously kicked some Nazi butt?  Yes!  I knew you’d remember.  Well “Chinese Zodiac”  is going to be the sequel.  And word on the street is:

The movie is going to have an Enertia in it. I haven’t heard anything more than that, so far, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone getting their head knocked with a certain electric motorcycle’s rear tire that has their number on it.  And the chase scene?  This has ELECTRO- AWESOME written all over it.  (as long as it doesn’t last longer than about 40 miles, but what great chase scene does?)

So stay tuned, get your popcorn popping, and if you’re a new reader from Singapore or Hong Kong, why are you reading this?  Get out there and buy a Brammo!

Oh, and HI Jackie!



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  1. #1 by James NomadRip on January 25, 2010 - 5:41 pm

    So we are going to flood China with cheap American products made with slave labor? Or it’s not that bad yet? 🙂

    This has got to be a nice deal for Craig. Most Excellent score!

  2. #2 by jon on January 26, 2010 - 3:14 am

    lol @ the picture and caption!

  3. #3 by artie on February 12, 2011 - 5:32 am

    I luv Jackie Chan films, he such a brilliant action hero and does all his stunts. When he promotes the films, he’s really funny. He’s so original and genuine even when he’s a guest on TV shows like this one in Japan

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