They Like Brammo… They Really Like Brammo!

Sally Field, who had no comment on Brammo's WooWoo Award.

(Venice, California, January 17, 2010)  The world is abuzz with the news that the First Annual WooWoo Award for the category of “Shiny Things” went to the Brammo Enertia, an electric motorcycle manufactured in Ashland, Oregon.

Okay, so the “world is abuzz” is clearly me using hyperbole, but, aside from that, who could have guessed that the Brammo Enertia would have triumphed over the ubiquitous iPhone? (not to mention the EcoPod, which by analyzing the Latin roots of its name suggests it has something to do with low cost feet).

Could the fact that Brammo provided the website with a loaner Enertia in order to assess its award-worthiness have anything to do with it?  Did they receive an iPhone? Did they receive an EcoPod?

— Pause, while Brammofan ponders brilliant idea —

Announcing the First Annual Brammofan Awards! Nominations will be announced on Tues- oh, heck, let’s announce them right now:

1.  In the category of  Electric Motorcycles, the Nominees are … the Brammo Enertia, and uh, the iPhone.

And that’s it.

Nominees are encouraged to contact the Brammofan Blog at… well, here, to provide the award committee with a sample of your product to test it’s worthiness.



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  1. #1 by Alan on January 22, 2010 - 12:22 am

    So the question is…..when Brammo releases an iPhone app to use with the bike…..WHO will reap the “shiny cool halo” ? Will the Brammo App make me look at i-crap as something other than the “Touch64 I bought for my two toddlers to play finger-drag puzzles on ” ?

    when it comes to “cool shininess” , clearly the Free World has spoken !

    when it comes to “sexy speediness” I have to say that all my “iFriends” make the same wan excuses for their inability to keep up with my hyperthumbs on my Blackberry.

    ” Auto Correct usually fixes my mistakes…….you get used to it after a YEAR ( bullshit ) and then finally in capitualtion ” I don’t really use it to write long emails I just send short replies and texts and wait until i get to a new computer”

    so basically iPhones make people come off as insensitive jerkoffs.

    “JOHN – DID YOU SEE THE EARTHQUAKE THAT JUST HIT HAITI ? can you believe it man , the loss of life the tragedy – don’t you have family there ? How is everyone ?”

    “Yeb , I hearrd – it’s sounds bad”.

    Boy. Good thing “that guy” carries his emails around in his pocket !

    My Enertia has no such problems. It has DC torque and smokes bikes “bigger and badder” all day long. NO EXCUSES necessary. Yes – I am ruling the concrete canyons of NYC on it…not running canyons above Malibu…..but that will come soon enough with future sport models , I’m quite sure.

    Of course …my Enertia is tuned for maximum accelleration not maximum range…OOP I’m not supposed to talk about that until the recently LEAKED “Brammo Dashboard” is ready for general-releae and everyone will have the luxury of customizing the accell Vs range to suit their needs and desires. Oh my.

    An electric bike for some commuter people ? NO….20 slightly different performing but identically beautiful electric bikes , for MANY people.

    Without spending thousands of dollars on ICE “motor mods” that just work inversely to reliability.

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