Senator Merkley Visits Brammo

Brammofan is not sure why Oregon Senator Merkley came to visit Brammo in Ashland today, but let’s look at the pictures:

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley on an Enertia

And let’s compare it to the pictures from Oregon Governor Ted Kulongosky’s visit last Fall:

Governor Ted Kulongoski

Uh – oh.

The obvious difference, of course, is the helmet, worn by the Governor.  If you recall, the Governor brought Brammo $100,000 to fund growth in its workforce.  Apparently, if you visit Brammo, forget to bring a check, and want a free ride, you better bring your own helmet.

(Note: I have no knowledge about whether the Senator’s visit included a fat check.  Any resemblance between this post and a piece of journalism or op-ed is entirely a figment of your imagination).

Update: The Ashland Daily Tidings ran some pictures, too, but I wanted to share this particular one, noteworthy for the presence of the new blue bike, which may replace the current “Glacial Blue” color, which has, so far, been the least popular color:

U.S. Senator Merkley listens to Brammo Lead Designer Brian Wismann



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  1. #1 by Jensen Beeler on January 14, 2010 - 4:15 pm

    Ha, I should start using that disclaimer too!

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