Brammo Enertia Nominated for WooWoo Award, which is not a euphemism

This article is going to be tough to write.

You can see the basic information in the headline, but I have a bit of a confession to make.  In my family, when we were growing up, we had names for certain things.  One did not utter the dictionary words of certain bodily functions or parts of your body.  A WooWoo was another name for your penis.  The practice of using these type of “family words” is not uncommon.  My wife, for instance, grew up calling her “private parts” her “no no.”  How’s that for building a healthy attitude about your sexuality?

But before I get sidetracked with other words from my childhood, let’s talk about the nomination by of the Brammo Enertia for the WooWoo award.  Specifically, it has been nominated for a WooWoo in the “Shiny Things” category, along with the Ecopods Sustainable Home and the iPhone.  We all know what an iPhone is, but you’ll have to find information about the Ecopod on your own.  Or not… because, as a dedicated reader of this blog, you know what I’m going to ask you.

Vote for Brammo’s WooWoo!

(I amuse myself)

How to vote?  Go HERE and vote for anything you want in categories 1, 2, 3,  and 5.  (I take that back… please also vote for the Outhouse Race in category 5, “Mirthful Gathering.”)  Under category #4, however, please vote for the Brammo Enertia.

If they win, then everyone who visited the Ashland, Oregon headquarters of could admire CEO Craig Bramscher’s proud display of his WooWoo.



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