Arizona George sends great pic of himself astride his new Enertia

From Brammo Lead Designer, Brian Wismann via

Just thought I’d share… this photo was sent from “George” in Arizona who received his bike after ordering through the Portland Best Buy. We don’t get many photos of bike AND rider, so I thought this was unique enough to post.

He had this to say about his initial impressions…

I got the bike registered and titled in Arizona on Friday and I returned yesterday, put the license tags on it and took it for a good spin. I really like it .. it has good zip and is easy to handle.
Two people noticed it and asked if it was electric and I proudly replied that it was. I plan to ride it more this week and I expect to like it even better as I get more acquainted with it.


Maybe George will drop in and give a ride report of his new acquisition.  Maybe during a recharge?


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