Wismann Adds Titanium Springs to Enertia Rear Shock

I know for a fact that there is big news a comin’ out of Ashland, but I’m wagering that they are waiting until next week to spring it on the world.  So, until then, the only “spring” you’re going to get is this “shocker”: Brammo Lead Designer, Brian Wismann, has decided to modify his personal Enertia with titanium springs on the rear shock.  Here’s his posting, from our friends at elmoto.net:

I’m a mod-aholic. Titanium Springs.

Yep, that’s right… I’ll admit it. I’m a mod-aholic. Perhaps it’s a designer’s curse that you just can’t keep well enough alone. Or maybe in a world of mass consumption, it’s nice to have something that’s unique. Whatever the case may be, I’ve decided that my Enertia really NEEDS a titanium spring for the rear shock. What performance benefit am I hoping for? … none, really. Although I did take this opportunity to move to a slightly lower spring rate versus stock (I’m 170 lbs) to see if it makes the ride a little more comfortable and responsive (which I’ve heard Ti springs do). Beyond that, I just want to play with the option because it’s a fairly straight forward swap with what’s available from the good folks at Obtanium Performance Products from Tacoma, WA. If the test is successful, we’ll try to get pricing for a “kit” if any other Enertia owners are crazy enough to be interested. The spring is just over half the weight of stock at .65lbs versus 1.25lbs. It looks cool and comes in 25 lbs increments for getting the perfect spring rate for your body weight. They’re definitely not cheap though!

Titanium on the left; Stock on the right.

Titanium spring installed on shock body

I’ll hopefully be installing the shock with the spring on my actual bike tomorrow, so I’ll update this post with a ride report soon…



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