Tesla: “2700 mile road trip!” Brammo: “BTDT”

According to Automobile Magazine:

Most automakers at the 2010 Detroit auto show will likely ship their wares in by truck, but not Tesla. The California-based EV company is planning on driving its electric Roadster Sport all the way from Los Angeles to the Motor City, proving the car is capable of long-haul road trips through even the most inclement weather.

The trip will cover some 2700 miles, and Tesla’s employees plan on stopping in (at least) 19 cities along the way. With the respectable — yet limited — 244-mile range of the Roadster, the trip will be broken down into several short segments, and 16 different employees will pilot the car to Detroit. We wish them the best of luck, especially when it comes to charging — plugging a car in may be simple enough, but as the folks at Brammo Motorcycles discovered, finding a free, accessible power outlet may take some cajoling…

Tesla plans on departing Los Angeles on December 17, and hope to arrive in Detroit by January 8 — just in time for the press days. Keep track of all the progress at Tesla’s website.

EV roadtrip? That is SO last October.  One thing is for sure: Tesla will not be able to round up the kind of talent that Brammo had on the ShockingBarack trip:

Enertia, Enertia, and Inertia



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  1. #1 by jon on December 14, 2009 - 9:40 pm

    I’d be curious to know the actual miles between charge both the tesla roadster and the enertia. I’m sure it’s much less than the nominal range.

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