New Video posted from TTXGP Archives – Brammo at Jurby Airfield

This video, which was posted yesterday by the TTXGP on its YouTube Channel, has just about everything:

1.  Aaron Bland unloading the Brammo Enertia TTR race bike at the Jurby Airfield on the Isle of Man.

2. Brian Wismann, watching nervously, as the bike is handed over, first, to Roy Richardson, and then to Mark Buckley.

3. Wismann talking with Buckley after his practice laps about softening up the suspension, making adjustments “back at the paddock,” and other performance-related chatter.

4.  Multiple shots of the bike from strategically-placed cameras, complete with audio of the whine as it approaches and passes. (Specifically, the whine of the motor and chain, not the whine of the cameraman, wanting his turn).

5. At 3:30, the suspense of watching a jackrabbit and a bird on the track, not knowing whether one or both of them will escape in time.

Silly rabbit. Tracks are for Brammos!

With that introduction, here’s the video:

Thanks to TTXGP/eGrandPrix for posting this!

UPDATE: TTXGP/eGrandPrix just posted the following video, highlighting an interview with Mark Buckley, the rider of the #26 TTR, which came in third at this year’s TTXGP



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