Geek Squad – Now Less Skeevy, More EV

What do you do if your brand new Brammo Enertia Powercycle needs servicing?

Easy answer: Drive it to the nearest Best Buy that has Brammo-certified technicians.  So far, that’s only in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland, but soon enough, even the Best Buy in Coralville, Iowa will have someone to take care of you.  (Sorry, Hawkeye… I don’t know the definition of “soon enough” but be patient. )

Cooler answer: Call your local Best Buy (as long as you live in one of the cities soon to be announced) and the Geek Squad will come to you in one of these:

Mitsubishi all-electric i-MiEV

According to AutoBlogGreen:

The electronics giant will start using them in January (after they’re shown off at CES) at some Geek Squad locations in California. Details have not yet been totally worked out, but the Geek EVs will start with a fleet of four vehicles and will then expand and rotate to other stores over the course of three years. Most likely, the i-MiEVs will be doled out in pairs and the probable early cities where these vehicles will make house calls include Chicago, New York, Portland, and San Francisco.

Best Buy plans to use the i-MiEVs just like any other fleet car, with the exception that they will be right-hand drive. Best Buy’s Senior Vice President of emerging business, Rick Rommel, told AutoblogGreen that the idea is to learn, “How these will fit into a Geek’s daily life.” The plug-in vehicle tests with Geek Squad is unrelated to how select West Coast Best Buy stores are selling electric bikes. That said, Rommel admits that the key thing is that Best Buy likes to conduct new experiments, and these EVs fit into that general concept.

You might not want the guy poking around your PC, but the techs that are Brammo-Certified are like Geeks on steroids.  They’ve been to the Ashland, Oregon headquarters of Brammo and, besides learning all about the bikes, have actually participated in the assembly of one from the ground up.  And no, they can’t download the Enertia’s GPS tracker data to find which “Gentlemen’s Club” you’ve been frequenting… for two reasons: 1)the bike does not have a GPS tracker, and 2) Dude… you’re riding an Enertia.  No need to pay for female attention — it comes standard.



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