Powercycle Diaries, Day One


Not too much to report so far in the first day of Nathan’s journey from Portland to Atlanta, but here’s what we have so far from a posting on elmoto.net:

Apologies for going off radar. Here’s a quickie…

Landed in Portland last night. Dog tired. Raining. Cabbed 2.2 miles to meet David, the Brammo rep @ Best Buy, & handle paperwork. The bike looks awesome, btw… Then I had a Guinness at the hotel bar & sacked out.

Right now, they’re giving the bike a very thorough pre-3800 mile road trip exam (moooon river, using the whole fist doc?). I’ll be heading over in just a few to pick it up & give it a spin. Little chilly but otherwise, the weather’s fine. After the inaugural voyage, i’m coming back to crack the laptop & bust out that blog. Promise.

And this picture as he readies himself for the journey:

Watch for updates as they happen.

Looks like he did indeed start his blog!


And posted this pic of his “ride.”

Also, he has a “google latitude” app running on his page that shows he is in Portland.



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  1. #1 by jpm on November 23, 2009 - 7:42 pm

    what a crazy mofo…. best of luck on the journey!

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