TTXGP DVD released

I know you’ve been feeling a bit neglected.  Okay, so “neglected” is more of a euphemism. You’re feeling “strung out” because it’s been more than 6 hours since you’ve heard anything Brammo related on the television or internets.  Why depend on live information sources for your Brammofix when you can have it available on your DVD player at any time?

From the website:

TTXGP 2009 Premium Edition 2 Disc DVD *** NOW SHIPPING ***

For the first time the awesome zero-carbon racing from the world’s first zero carbon road race can now be enjoyed on DVD.

On 12th June 2009, history was made on the legendary Isle of Man TT Mountain Course. TTXGP held during the Isle of Man TT 2009, 19 bikes from 17 teams, travelling from 6 different countries, tackled one of the most challenging circuits in the world. The race was designed to stretch the cutting edge of technology, married with the excitement and speed of open competition, and with an ultimate goal of providing alternative greener transport. 14 teams and 16 bikes set out to race on one of the most challenging road rally circuits in the world.

The TTXGP 2009 Premium Edition includes race action around the 37¾ mile Mountain Circuit, where the machines set course records and reached speeds of up to 105+mph.

  • The entire race, with commentary shot from multiple camera positions, heli-cams, on boards.
  • Main race graded with for high quality reproduction
  • Brand new commentary by Charlie Lambert
  • Behind the scenes footage from the paddock
  • Video diary of events leading up to the TTXGP
  • Exclusive interviews.
  • Watch the Agni X01 in action that has now been productionised as the Mavizen TTX02.
  • Looks like it’s a steal at £24.99, or about $41.00US.  That is only 1/195 the retail list price of the Enertia, and you know you’re going to watch it more than 195 times just to see the Brammo TTR bikes on the Sulby straight.



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