Brammo Enertia in Asia? And your WTF Pic of the Week

Brammofan scours the globe for the latest in Brammonews.  The above image came up on an image search and led me to the site and this page in particular.  Hong Kong . . . a trade show, perhaps?  Also on that page, which by the way has very little English on it, were these pictures:

I included those pictures of the Segways because you’ll notice the same non-Asian guy wearing a black Brammo shirt in both pictures.  In fact, behind the Segway Lightning Dragon you can see two (possibly three) Asian ladies wearing black Brammo shirts, as well.

Any speakers/readers of Mandarin out there?

Now, if you thought any of those were the “WTF pic of the day” you’re in for a treat.  Here it is:

Take note: on November 17, 2009, Brammofan was momentarily rendered speechless.



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