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BrammoBrian 11-16-2009 01:19 PM

More inner workings of the Enertia Powercycle…
I’ve made several references to the “Vehicle Control Unit” (VCU) in my previous posts, and although nobody’s said “what’s that?”, I thought I’d spend a little more time describing it and showing you what it looks like and where it’s located…The Vehicle Control Unit is essentially the “brain” of the Enertia that does the job of combining information provided by the master battery management unit (located inside the sealed VCU enclosure), motor controller, controls, and various other sensors (kickstand sensor for instance) to make system level decisions about the bike and it’s various states. For instance, when the Enertia is powered up, the VCU will check multiple parameters to ensure the bike is ready for drive mode… Is the kickstand up?, Is the throttle set at 0?, Is the motor controller communicating?… It also provides a stream of data to the dash unit via a CANbus and also serves to connect the top and bottom chassis wiring harnesses. The VCU also has main contactor control, meaning it can shut you down if there’s a critical fault somewhere in the system… so be nice to it! 🙂

Since it’s so central to the other components of the bikes, the VCU gets installed very early in the assembly process. Here you can see it as the oddly shaped black box located in the cavity directly behind the headtube in the chassis. The giant sealed connector on top of the unit is what the wiring harness plugs into top and bottom…


Enertia Chassis with VCU on the right.


Multiple chassis’s waiting to hit the production line (note VCU already installed)…


Enertia Chassis (plural?)


Hope this was insightful… Pretty cool, eh?



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