More Enertia Day California pics, plus a Vectrix question

I added some more, recently acquired photos from the Enertia Launch at the Best Buy store in El Segundo last weekend:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Plus, an interesting story from the event:


Whose Vectrix?

A man showed up at the event riding this Vectrix.  He had apparently been “off the grid” since 2005 and had been generating his own solar power.  He claimed not to have bought gasoline since 2007, using the solar power to charge his Vectrix. Unfortunately, the range on his batteries had deteriorated to the point that he could only travel about 20 miles on a full charge.

Do you know who this person is? If so, please have him contact me at brammofan at brammofan dot com.  I’d really like to find out about his charging set-up, his bike, and hey, maybe I can help him make the jump to an Enertia.  I hear their support is pretty much outstanding.



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