Who Sat on the Electric Bike?

Chelsea Sexton

Chelsea Sexton

After much anticipation, I finally found a picture of Chelsea Sexton on a Brammo Enertia, from this weekend’s EV Party at Best Buy #1011 in El Segundo, California.

For those just tuning into Brammofan’s Channel, and for those not familiar with Ms. Sexton, here’s a primer, (via the “Matter Network“):

Sexton, who first gained public notoriety in Chris Paine’s 2006 documentary, ‘Who Killed the Electric Car,” is the co-founder of Plug In America and is now leading The Lightning Rod Foundation. She has long been a outspoken advocate for electric vehicles ever since the days she worked for General Motors as an EV1 specialist whose job was to assist customers who leased the short-lived, two-seat electric car. She helped lead efforts to keep the car from being recalled and crushed, an exercise that ultimately failed, but not before bringing public attention to the fate of these innovative machines.

Back to the picture.

You might just see a random strawberry blonde sitting on a motorcycle.  Or if you look closer, you just might see:

  • A powerful EV advocate sitting on a motorcycle identical to one that happens to be, at this very moment, cruising the streets of Washington D.C., preparing to be presented to President Obama as part of the answer to America’s energy crisis.

And you might just see a flesh-colored blur in the bottom of the frame.  Or if you look closer, you just might see:

  • the index finger of the photographer, Rick Rommel, the Senior Vice President of Emerging Business, Best Buy.

So, if you used your imagination, you just might see the junction of one of the first mass-produced two wheeled EVs, the symbol of EV advocacy, and the force that’s bringing EVs to the masses, all wrapped up inside a glossy 8 x 10.  Oh, you might see some irony in the “No Idling Allowed” sign behind her, because none of the elements of this photograph have been or plan to be idling in the near future.

The Week Ahead

How do you follow a week that ended with the culmination of the ShockingBarack trip in Washington, D.C., and the launch of the Brammo Enertia in Best Buy stores in California?  Coming up this week, it looks like the big story is going to be, “Will the Brammo Boys meet the President and give him the bikes?”  I’ll be covering that, of course, along with posting noteworthy pictures and stories from last week, and a bit of a special feature on another member of the ShockingBarack crew.  Stay tuned.

More information on Sexton can be found in a great book I happen to be reading right now, “Plug-in Hybrids: The Cars that will save America” by Sherry Boschert.



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  1. #1 by Cali Biker on October 25, 2009 - 12:56 pm

    Re: Brammo guys in DC: On this weekend’s EV Cast, Brian Wisman and David Schiff admit they arrived in the capital on Friday not knowing politicians usually vacate the city Friday through Monday. They hope to meet some legislators Tuesday. No word on the president. If Obama rides the Brammo I hope he doesn’t fall off it like the rider at the Al Car Expo did.

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