Just wrote an email to Secretary Chu

Twelpforce to the rescue…

I posted a tweet to the Twelpforce asking for ideas about how to get the ShockingBarack boys to meet Obama and received a great answer from them:

#twelpforce @brammofan The man you would probably want to talk to (and we’re sure you have) is this gentleman: http://bit.ly/aNnkG

Which was a link to the Department of Energy’s website.  Specifically, to the “about Secretary Chu” page.

@Agent3012 of the Twelpforce followed that up with a suggestion:

#twelpforce @brammofan Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if all the Brammo Enertia fans sent emails and letters here: http://bit.ly/GWnEM

So, I wrote the following email to the Secretary, whose address is the.secretary@hq.doe.gov:

Dear Secretary Chu:

Two motorcycle riders are headed your way and they would like to meet you.  The riders and their bikes, and for that matter, their journey, deserves your attention, and the attention of your boss, President Barack Obama.
The motorcycles they are riding are Brammo Enertia Powercycles and are 100% electric, powered by lithium iron phosphate battery cells.  The bike’s batteries can be charged by plugging into a standard 110 volt household outlet.
The riders are Brian Wismann, lead designer for Brammo, and Dave Schiff, creative director for the advertising agency of Crispin Porter + Bogusky.
The voyage, which has been chronicled on www.shockingbarack.com, has retraced the route the Big Three automobile executives took when they traveled from Detroit to D.C. to ask for a bailout.
ShockingBarack doesn’t want to ask for a bailout, though.  Rather, they want to give the nation a gift: the two powercycles.  These bikes represent a part of a homegrown solution to the nation’s energy crisis.  They don’t depend on foreign oil.  They emit no harmful greenhouse gases from their tailpipes because they don’t have a tailpipe.  If they are charged by electricity generated from a renewable source, they are even emission-free. Additionally, these bikes are covered with hundreds of signatures of U.S. citizens who have pledged their support to the cause.
Could you help them present this gift to our nation?  Could you help them meet the President so they can give the bikes to both of you?
Their journey is coming to an end.  They will be in Washington D.C. any minute, actually.  Next week (October 26), they will be hanging around your town, showing off the bikes and hoping for a meeting.
I hope you can help them.
[My name and address]
What about you?  Do you want to make a difference?



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