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Tweets and pics and posts and videos keep flowing in.

Back when these guys left Detroit to begin their voyage, I started my own effort: keeping track of it all.  I’ve tried, but I know a few have fallen through the cracks.  If you have the time, feel free to check my work and add what needs to be added:

The Google Map Collection

The Picasa Photo Collection

Both should be able to be edited, added to, tweaked, etc.  I obviously haven’t taken any of the photos, but most are posted by the ShockingBarack team themselves, so I’m pretty sure you can borrow them to use in your own posts, articles, etc.

I’m home tending to my sick DD8, so I’m having trouble keeping up with it all, especially given the increased pace in the last couple of days.

And if you haven’t gone to and signed your name, shame on you!  I did.

Brian Wismann adds my name to the Enertia

Brian Wismann adds my name to the Enertia



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