Spy Photo Reveals President on Custom-made Brammo Enertia

Is ShockingBarack Too Late?

Maybe our two silent riders are taking too much time as they travel from Detroit to D.C. to “present the President with the most energy efficient vehicle.”

Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher traveled to Washington D.C. this morning, ostensibly to meet with “supportive legislators.” According to this photo, however, it looks like he was personally delivering President Obama his custom-made, Red, White, and Blue ObamaNertia.

U.S. President Barack Obama exits the Oval Office

U.S. President Barack Obama exits the Oval Office

Although the President could not be reached for a comment, Michelle Obama’s press secretary said that the First Lady does not approve of him not wearing a helmet, but “if he’s got to have his midlife crisis, at least he’s being environmentally responsible about it.”  She did add that the First Lady was “a bit disappointed that the bike was not delivered by BrammoJosh.”

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(Thanks to my friend Tim Wells of Faulkner Strategies for his creativity and responsiveness to my requests for images; and to my other friend, motoguru John Adamo, a/k/a @skadamo, for the word I wished I’d invented: ObamaNertia).



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