BARF on Brammo – It’s not what you think

BARF is the Bay Area Riders Forum and is one of the many regional motorcycle rider forums out there.  Recently, iehawk (a/k/a Albert Santoso) a member of BARF disgorged the following ride review on the forum:


So I rode a Brammo Enertia Powercycle…

‘Interesting’ is the first word that came to my mind.

Being an electric bike, it doesn’t really feel like riding a bike, more of riding a 2-wheeled vehicle.

Riding position is upright with very relaxed pegs. It feels about 2 inches ‘too forward’ in the beginning, but I got used to it just fine. It’s definitely not designed for the sportsbike riders, but more for the commuters (or even non-riders?).

The throttle engagement is smooth, no initial jerkiness one expected from an electric vehicle. Acceleration is smooth and pulls the bike steadily to 58 MPH indicated. Braking is plenty and linear, no complain.

Road feel is good, with noticeably less rolling resistance and quite a bit more feel, possibly from the higher inflation rate (front at 42psi).

What I noticed right away is that I can hear a lot more while riding. With the bike itself being so quiet, suddenly I can hear people talking while standing on the curb nearby. You’re a lot more aware of the wind noise and other noises around you.

I’d be very interested to ride an electric sportsbike which I imagine (and hope) shouldn’t be that far behind.

Albert told me that he works for the CALMoto Dealership in Mountain View, California, and that he is “planning to ride the bike again soon, hopefully this time with it fully charged.”

Thanks for the ride report, Albert!



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  1. #1 by James NomadRip on October 20, 2009 - 3:22 pm

    Here’s another ride report my friend Suz did in El Segundo. She is @pinkyracr on Twitter

  2. #2 by brammofan on October 20, 2009 - 3:24 pm

    Thanks, Nomad!

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