My name is Brammofan and I’m a GPS-aholic

Follow the blinking ball. . .

Follow the blinking ball. . .

Hi Brammofan.

I’ve been away from the GPS for two whole minutes.

[applause] Way to go!

Actually, while you were clapping, I checked it again.  Looks like ShockingBarack is on the move again… just left  the Westgate Shopping Center in Lorain, Ohio.  I think they might still be looking for handwarmers.

Pre-packaged hand warmers. 2nd greatest invention ever On our way to #toledo #shockingbarack #obama #brammo #cold

Pre-packaged hand warmers. 2nd greatest invention ever On our way to #toledo #shockingbarack #obama #brammo #cold

It all started this morning when I went to their website, it’s at, and I noticed that they had a blinking blue dot on their Google map.  It’s their location.  It moves. Oh… look, they just pulled off U.S. 6 — it’s called the Grand Army of the Republic Highway on that particular stretch — and hmmm, looks like they’re in the parking lot of “Community Health Partners West.”  Sounds like a hospital?  Hope nobody got hurt.

But I digress.

I know that GPS-aholism is serious and that these meetings are about more than the free coffee and donuts.  Hey, speaking of coffee and donuts, these guys had that very meal for breakfast yesterday at Tim Hortons.  Really.  Wismann has the picture to prove it:

Were awake. Having coffee at Tim Hortons. Canadas Dunkin. Eh?

"We're awake. Having coffee at Tim Horton's. Canada's Dunkin. Eh?"

Yeah . . . so I get the impression I need to do some hard work to break my addiction.  Ummm.  Hmmm.  Speaking of breaking things, they’re still at the Health Clinic in Lorain, Ohio.  You don’t suppose that Schiff had some sort of unfortunate accident?  He’s a bit wreckless . . . got busted in Adrian, Michigan for running a stop sign, you know.

Anywhoooo. . . I better go.  My phone can only keep up with so much, guess I need an iPhone.  I’m pretty sure that is how we’re tracking them, by the way.  See you tomorrow.



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