Chevy’s Hurt Feelings Lead to Copycat Voyage

I’ve been documenting the heroic odyssey of as the two riders make their way from Detroit, Michigan, to Washington, D.C.  In their words:

Our plan is to retrace the route of the automotive CEOs who went to Washington DC asking for government loans.

Apparently, someone at Chevy must have been eavesdropping because I just saw this on the Chevy Volt site:

On Tuesday morning, eight Chevy Volt integration vehicles left the Milford Proving grounds compound in Michigan on a historic extended test drive into Philadelphia.

Sounds eerily similar, no?

Don’t you worry, @ShockingBarack, according to the post, the cars were “driven for more than 9  hours and 300 miles continuously in a special effort to analyze their behavior, performance, and comfort on such a long drive in real word conditions.”

No need to keep your eyes on your mirrors for the looming Volt convoy, they’ve already arrived at their destination.



Look carefully at the picture.  Six Volts.  One Suburban(?).  And one semi-trailer loaded with fuel for these vehicles which, although they have electric motors and sizable batteries, are still 100% reliant on gasoline.  I’ll be interested in seeing the reports about their real world gas mileage.  If it was a 300 mile trip, then, according to their 230mpg claim, they probably used a few sips over a gallon of gas for each car.



You can follow the Chevy Volt convoy story and be done in a day, or you can follow the ShockingBarack saga, and be riveted to your computer for . . . a week?  Plus, I guarantee you that none of the Volt drivers were wearing anything as blindingly awesome as this:

Dave Schiff's Bass Boat Sparkle Helmet (via @brammodesigner)

Dave Schiff's Bass Boat Sparkle Helmet (via @brammodesigner)



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