Shocking Barack Tour begins October 13

This page just went live:


Looks like some intrepid riders (UPDATE: that’s Lead Designer Brian Wismann and Lead Engineer Aaron Bland OOPS – FURTHER UPDATE: That Brian and Dave Schiff from CP+B.  Aaron will be in the support vehicle) will be retracing “the route of the automotive CEOs who went to Washington DC asking for government loans. But instead of looking for aid, we’d like to present President Obama with a homegrown solution to the transportation crisis.”

Not sure who these guys are, but they say, “Having worked with Brammo, we’re fans of what they’re doing.” Hey… they’re Brammo fans.  (maybe they need some Brammofan swag).

If you happen to live along the route, they are asking for “places to charge, places to change, and places to sleep.”  Follow them on Twitter at @shockingbarack.  Gotta love this:

And most of all, we need help meeting Barack Obama. So if you know him, or you know someone who knows him, or someone you know knows a person who knows him, please contact us asap.

Maybe Jay Leno can get you in the door.

Needless to say, I’ll be following them along their journey.



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