TTXGP: More information about 2010 Racing Series Released

ttxgplogo2Looks like you can “register your interest” on the eGrandPrix website for information about next year’s TTXGP racing series.

mavizenlogoAdditionally, if you’re interested in purchasing a ready-made racing bike, or just curious about it, you can “be amongst the first to get the latest updates and information about Mavizen’s products and services” on the website that apparently is going to be the clearinghouse for that impulse item. From the website:

mavizen montage

Fusing the DNA of the TTXGP champion the Agni X01 and our 120mph TTX01 prototype, the TTX02 will allow a chosen few to be part of the next big leap in high performance motorsports. Production will be limited to 50 units.

Here’s the presser from the TTXGP Blog:


OK guys, its done.

Working with the ACU, we have now agreed terms and contracts to deliver the world’s first zero carbon national championship.

Built around 4 rounds and 2 classes, we are working to develop a programme that will be thrilling, fast and be the platform for the stars of the future for motorsports.

Special thanks to Dave Luscomb and Jim Parker for working with us to make this happen.

Please register at A new website is on the way with details of rules, venues etc. We are also rolling out a programme to help teams get the skills and technologies they need at a sensible price. Check out for details.

TTXGP UK Championship 2010 starts here. Be part of it, and get ready to make history!



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