Brammo Enertia in Santa Monica today, tomorrow

According to the Santa Monica Daily Press, the Brammo Enertia (And BrammoJosh) will be at the 4th Annual AltCar Expo at the Civic Auditorium, October 2-3.

BrammoJosh makes the news

BrammoJosh makes the news

(Original caption: RIDING TOWARD SUSTAINABILITY: Lead service technician Josh Tuski (center) of Brammo talks with the media about the new electric motorcycle the Enertia at the AltCar Expo media day on Thursday. The motorcycle has a top speed of 65 mph and costs just over $11,000. photo by Brandon Wise.)

Brammo, from Oregon, is another company looking to make a name for itself at the expo. The company produces an all-electric motorcycle that resembles a Motocross dirt bike. Josh Tuski, a lead service technician for Brammo, said the motorcycles will be sold soon in the Los Angeles area at Best Buy.

“It changes your whole riding experience,” Tuski said of the Brammo bike. “Since it is electric, it runs really quiet. You get one of your senses back when riding. You can hear what is going on around you, other vehicles, even talk to people riding next to you. It will create a new experience while riding. The whole purpose of riding a motorcycle is to get connected to what’s around you.

“The silence helps.”

More information about the AltCar Expo is at their website: . It’s FREE!¬† And this is pretty cool:

A complimentary bike valet will be provided by the city of Santa Monica, the expo’s sponsor.



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