Brammo TTR Calendar Updated with Changes


If you happen to be one of the thousands of subscribers to the Brammofan Calendar, you’ll see that it’s been updated to reflect some changes to the tour schedule of the Brammo TTR Bike.  Most noteworthy was next weekend’s change.  The TTR will not be at the Kansas Speedway, but instead will appear at the Miramar Air Show in San Diego, California.  That makes Brammofan, who lives about half an hour away from the Speedway, very sad.

Here is the link

If you have Google Calendar, you can just click on the link and the calendar will magically appear.  In the lower right corner of the calendar you’ll see a link to click on that will add it to your already-existing list of Google Calendars.

If you don’t have Google Calendar, why not?

Here is a link to subscribe to the calendar in your feed reader, which should be Google Reader.

Here is a link to an ical version.


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