Brammo + Nike = NEW SHOE! Nope.

As I said/tweeted to @skadamo, his blog,, has been kicking my ass this week.  Here’s a link to his post filled with conjecture and hypothetical musing about why Brammo might be visiting Nike this week:

Brammo + iPod Rider Community In Planning?

It’s all based on this tweet by @BrammoSays:

The Brammo boys (head of design and mechanical engineering) make a trip to Nike for a product development presentation at Nike HQ on Friday

I put two and two together and just figured it had something to do with shoes.  Okay, for a moment, I thought that Brammo might by outsourcing the manufacturing process to Chinese prisoners or Bangalore children, but then I remembered that they are all about “saving the world two wheels at a time,” so I quickly dismissed that idea.

Plugbike put two and two together and came up with iPods and Nike’s application to track your morning jog.

And he even used a post I wrote a while back about the Dashboard application.  He’s crafty, sly, and not to be trusted.  Okay, actually he’s smart and good looking and smells like a man.  Or so I hear.

ANYWAY… I think he’s probably right about that whole “track your ride” idea.  Brammo has been talking about this sort of thing for a while.



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  1. #1 by skadamo on September 25, 2009 - 3:51 pm

    Man BrammoFan, you need to have a chat with my wife, I tell her I’m smart, good looking and smell like a man all the time. 😀

    At least if I am wrong you can say “What a dumb post that was!” instead of “uh, well, that is what they should have done!”

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