Electric Vehicles at Best Buy (Video) – Sadly, No Enertias

Just saw this on http://www.bestbuylabs.com/ and it is a slick introduction to the decision-making behind Best Buy’s choice to get into the electric vehicle business.  The products featured on the video are the A2B bike (great write-up on them by @skadamo on Plugbike.com), Baja Electric Scooter, Ezip Electric Scooter, a quick glance at a demo model of the Aptera 3-wheeler, and the Brammo TTR Race bike.  No shots of the Brammo Enertia in this video, which leads me to believe that it was produced before the last week in August 27-28, 2009, when the Enertia first appeared in two Portland, Oregon Best Buy stores.

High point: It features my favorite Empress of EV, Chelsea Sexton, aka @evchels. (See Update, below)

UPDATE: I had to update this post because the link to the video died.  It turns out that Best Buy took the first video down because, when Chelsea Sexton appeared, under her name, the name of her organization–The Lightning Rod Foundation–was misspelled as “Lighting.” Might be a little thing but hey – it means Best Buy pays attention to Chelsea.  I suggest you bring her along next time you have to return something.



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  1. #1 by skadamo on September 23, 2009 - 11:44 am

    Sounded to me like Best Buy is pretty confident none of their competitors wants to enter this space. Did I hear that right?

    The survey Chelsea Sexton mentioned was interesting. People who think the bikes are cool and fun are more likely to purchase than green activists. Just wonder if non-activists are a larger group in general.

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