Hawkeye Makes the News

Remember our friend in Iowa who got his bike delivered by Josh from Brammo?  Looks like they finally ran his story on KCCI.com:

Silent Motorcycle Slips Down City Streets

Some choice quotes, below:

He said he has no regrets as the bike was rolled off the truck and into his driveway. He said it was the feeling of getting on the motorcycle for the first time and taking it for a ride that really had him sold.

“That’s incredible. Wow! There’s very few things that I ride or drive that I just have a grin that I can’t wipe off my face,” said Adams.

When I asked him whether he tried to see what his top speed was, here’s what he told me:

Of course I tried out the top speed *grin* seems to be about 67-ish for me on level ground. I did do the whole trip on one charge, the first part of the trip I was traveling about 65 mph every chance I got and speeding away from stoplights at top speed. I noticed the miles remaining dropping pretty quick so I was a little more gentle on the way home, I stuck to 55 on the highway and didn’t floor it. When I got home there wasn’t too much charge left. But if I was careful not to floor it too much I could stretch the range out a bit. My rough first/initial guess for range would be:

@25mph the whole time = 50-ish mile range
@60mph the whole time = 30-ish mile range

Hawkeye (on the left) with Josh, from Brammo.

Hawkeye (on the left) with Josh, from Brammo.

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