Brammo Crowdsources European Tour

I wonder what kind of hue and cry will result from Brammo’s announcement today:

BRAMMO is visiting Europe throughout September and October looking for the ideal countries for our 100% electric Enertia motorcycles. Think your country is the perfect place for an Enertia? Tell us here and then tell your friends to make your voice heard!

Will dozens of EU Market consultants immediately publish articles and tweets complaining that such crowdsourcing unfairly takes jobs away from legitimate hardworking tea-leaf readers?  Perhaps several of them will turn up their noses and say, “the residents of these countries are too unskilled and dim-witted to decide where this product should be sold.  Brammo needs an expert to tell it that.  It deserves what it will get out of this *sniff* contest.  It will probably end up in some backwater country like ________ (insert favorite backwater country here).”  And then some lucky EU Market Consultant will decide that this insult to his industry deserves special attention and he’ll immolate himself on YouTube.

Or maybe not.

Brammo’s using some clever social marketing tools along with this contest: a way of following the voting:

BRAMMO Eurotour Tracker Facebook App or Google Gadget.

So far, it looks like the UK has a strong lead with Germany and Spain running neck and neck for second. It looks like you’re only supposed to vote if you’re a resident of the country for which you’re voting: “Think your country is the perfect place . . . .”  I’m not sure why the UK is in the lead–don’t most of them still ride horses?


This just in:




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